Ham and Pineapple Kabobs (No Grill Needed!)

While I’m still vacationing with the family, my friend Chandra is here with an awesome recipe for you today.  Chandra and I used to be next door neighbors and we spent many summer evenings grilling away and chatting on the patio under the stars.  Even though her husband’s work moved her away, we still talk and text nearly every day – these days, mostly about blog stuff. 😉  

Chandra blogs over at The Plaid and Paisley Kitchen, and makes some of the.best.stuff.  Like this Reese’s Pieces Chocolate Banana Bread, and Upside Down Pineapple Cupcakes and Pasta Primavera Casserole.  Oh, and these ham and pineapple kabobs she brought for you today.

So, take it away, Chandra!

Hi KMG fans and readers!!! I am Chandra from The Plaid and Paisley Kitchen and I am here guest blogging for you today. Ashley and I have been friends for 8 years both on and off line. So I am super happy to help out while she is having a blast on a family vacation!

Beat the heat indoors! The Plaid and Paisley Kitchen www.pandpkitchen.com

I have a delicious and killer easy dinner for you today!! If you are having a hard time getting away from the oppressive heat and humidity like we are, this is the perfect meal for you. Grilling out is one of the pleasures of Summer and I know that it is one of Ashley’s favorite ways to cook. Sometimes though it’s just too darn hot outside to do anything!!!

That’s where a great marinade, some ham and fresh pineapple come to the rescue! These kabobs have all the flavor of grilled meat without standing outside sweating and melting in the heat. Sometimes a marinade will cause the grill to flame up when the sugars drip and you have to watch your meat closely so it doesn’t burn.

Beat the heat indoors! The Plaid and Paisley Kitchen www.pandpkitchen.com

These beauties are baked in the oven taking away all that danger. I love the flavor combination of ham and pineapple. I am a sucker for Hawaiian Pizza. Some foods have that great way of reminding you of places and vacations. If you have ever been to Hawaii or any other tropical local then the taste of this will certainly transport you back to those happy memories.

Beat the heat indoors! The Plaid and Paisley Kitchen www.pandpkitchen.com

The marinade has all the best of the Pan-Asian flavors. Pineapple, honey, soy, sesame oil just to name a few. The best accompaniment is coconut rice. So creamy and good!!!

No salt is needed and make sure that you use a low sodium soy sauce. Ham is cured in salt and you really don’t want to add anymore to the recipe. You can use canned pineapple but really why would you? It’s summer get the fresh stuff!!

So when you are in a Luau party kind of mood but it’s too hot outside or it’s the middle of winter and your grill is under 3 feet of snow. Throw this together and party down!!!

Beat the heat indoors! The Plaid and Paisley Kitchen www.pandpkitchen.com

Ham and Pineapple Kabobs (No Grill Needed!)
  • 2-3 lbs ham {bone in or out} cubed into 2 inch pieces
  • 1 pineapple, cubed (juices reserved)
  • ½ cup pineapple juice
  • ⅛ cup honey
  • 1 tbsp low sodium soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp rice wine vinegar
  • ½ cup hoisin sauce
  • ½ cup teriyaki marinade sauce {this is the thicker kind}
  1. in a mixing bowl combine pineapple juice through all ingredients to teriyaki marinade
  2. in a large ziploc baggie put in the cubed pineapple and ham
  3. pour the marinade over and seal
  4. chill for 30 min up to overnight
  5. preheat oven to 350
  6. line a baking sheet with tin foil
  7. skewer the ham and pineapple alternately onto kabob skewers
  8. place kabobs on the baking sheet and pour the rest of the marinade over
  9. bake for 30 min
  10. serve with Coconut Rice
  11. Enjoy!!

I had a great time with all of you today! I hope that you will continue to support Kitchen Meets Girl and I would love to have you stop by and check my blog out sometime!

Thanks, Chandra, for sharing with us today!  Happy Thursday, friends, and make sure you stop by The Plaid and Paisley Kitchen and say hello.


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