Happy Halloween!

Remember when I said we weren’t cooking anything special for the Doodlebug??  Well, here’s what we’ve been up to over the past week…

Spider Nachos 1
I’ve found that plastic spiders work well in getting this kid to eat. Is this a boy thing?

And this, just refrigerated bread dough knotted at the end, was a huge success:

Witches Bone Breadsticks

And the most requested, by far:

Swamp Juice

I mean, really, who could say no to this face?

Doodlebug at Pumpkin Patch

Happy Halloween!

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  1. What cute pictures. Especially that last one!!

  2. I couldn’t say no to that face. He is a special sweetie.

    Great pics- your pics are improving so much. WOW

    • Kitchen Meets Girl says:

      Getting better, but still a long way to go! Doodle is ready to trick-or-treat tonight, that is for sure!

  3. you are so creative! great job with the foods + getting the little guy to eat all sorts of stuff. he’s a cutie!

    • Kitchen Meets Girl says:

      Thanks! At this point, we’ll do whatever it takes to get him to eat. Wish I had that problem, ha!

  4. I love the Pic’s!!!! You have to come help me with my blog!

  5. What fabulously fun foods for kids!! I love it! I wonder if the plastic spiders would help my toddler eat better. I’ll have to give it a try! 🙂

    • Kitchen Meets Girl says:

      The spiders did help us, at least for awhile. Now that Halloween is over, though, I need to come up with something different! A small turkey, maybe, or a little elf once December hits? I’m desperate and will try anything! 🙂

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