pack a lunch box
These little Pepperoni Pizza Muffins are packed with pepperoni and cheese, and are the perfect lunch box food or after school snack!
With a thick layer of caramel sandwiched between a snickerdoodle and white chocolate, these Caramel Snickerdoodle Bars are no friend of skinny jeans. But oh my goodness, how they're worth it.
Forget those boxed bars and make your own - these Funfetti Granola Bars are a fun twist on boring old granola!

Mexican Corn on the Cob

Mexican Corn on the Cob

Who am I kidding?  Madness pretty much meets our house every day.  Runs it, actually.  With a full-time job and a 4-year old boy, I usually consider it a success if we manage to eat by 8:00 and don't destroy the kitchen and/or dining room.  But sometimes the thought of tackling the whirlwind messes we create is more than I can bear on a Monday. So, despite the horrendous temperatures here, we try to eat outside as much as we can this time of year.  The Doodlebug can run and play, and I can enjoy a glass of wine without wondering how (why??) spaghetti sauce is smeared on top of … {click for more...}

Casual Father’s Day Dinner

Casual Father's Day Dinner

So, I sort of have this tendency to over-do things on a regular basis every now and then. I'm sort of like the Clark Griswold of the modern day family function. And let's be real here, people. My family doesn't care if we eat off of matching plates or on a properly set table with a festive centerpiece and candlelight. If I plopped a spoon into the vat of mashed potatoes still in my Kitchen Aide mixer and served them that way, my hubby would think he'd gone to heaven. I can make some good mashed potatoes, peeps. But does he care if eat them off of my Grandmother's china or on paper plates? … {click for more...}