Valentine Dunkin’ Sticks

Chocolate PB pretzels 1

So, I have sort of have a bone to pick…in all of the years I’ve been making chocolate-covered pretzels, no one has ever once suggested to me that you could add in peanut butter.

Yeah, I’m kind of slow on the uptake, but that’s really nothing new.

Also not new?  The fact that I don’t really care much for Valentine’s Day.  This sounds a little strange coming from a girl who doesn’t leave the house without makeup and sparkles.  I mean, if you want to picture a girlie-girl, I’m it.  Seriously, I fixed my hair and makeup I was on maternity leave.

I get to work from home on Mondays and Tuesdays, and you’d better believe I have on jewelry and makeup when I head downstairs to my at-home office.

It’s the way I am folks, and it’s not going to change.

But as girlie as I am, I’ve never really gotten excited about Valentine’s Day.  I mean, there were the many single years I spent with my other single girlfriends eating pizza and watching Ally McBeal, so my dislike for the “holiday” back then might seem obvious.  And now that I’m married, it just seems silly to wait an obscene amount of time waiting for a table at my favorite restaurant because the calendar says I’m supposed to.

Quite honestly, the fact that my husband fills my car up with gas for me on super cold days means a whole lot more to me than getting a dozen roses on February 14.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love Valentine-y foods, because hello, they are usually decadent and rich and can often be glammed up by the addition of a million sprinkles.  What girl doesn’t love that?

These dunkin’ sticks were quick and easy, and a nifty little treat to send with Doodle to school.

My advice, though?  Don’t get started “taste testing” them while you’re setting up a photo shoot.  You might not have enough left to photograph.

Chocolate PB pretzels 2

Valentine Dunkin’ Sticks
  • 1 7-ounce container Baker's dipping chocolate
  • ½ cup creamy peanut butter
  • 1 bag honey-wheat pretzel twists (I used about 40 pretzels)
  • assorted sprinkles, as desired
  1. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. Microwave your chocolate as directed, then stir in peanut butter until smooth. Dip your pretzels to coat, and place on prepared sheet. Garnish with sprinkles.
  3. Refrigerate until set.


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  1. Terry

    Sounds yummy! Although I am by no means a girlie-girl, I do agree with you about Valentines Day. I’d rather stay home and cook something special to mark the occasion rather than go out.

    • Ashley

      Terry, I’m right there with you. We always just stay home, with a special dinner. The atmosphere is quieter, less expensive, and just as nice!

    • Ashley

      Awww, thanks! =)

  2. Shirley

    I never thought about making pretzels for Valentine’s Day. What a good idea. These look sooooo yummmmmy.

    • Ashley

      You know me–I like to go the easy route!

    • Ashley

      Kids like ’em, for sure. My 4-year old, who can usually pass up almost any sweet, couldn’t stop eating these. I think the sprinkles drew him in. =)

    • Ashley

      I’d never thought of mixing in the peanut butter, either, though as Amy suggests, drizzling it over the top probably works just as well! Either way, it’s just a fun way to jazz up the regular old dipped pretzels. Easy project for kiddos, too!

  3. amy @ fearless homemaker

    these look great! i also like dipping them just in chocolate, then drizzling the melted peanut butter on top. you still get the choc/pb flavor, with a pretty like presentation. =) i have some on my blog from my early early days of blogging (so forgive the pics if you check ’em out!)

    • Ashley

      Okay, I just checked out your pictures, and even in your early days, your pictures were great! So pretty with the peanut butter drizzles (and the toffee–yum).

  4. Hayley

    I am kind of on the fence about V-Day. On one hand I love all the sprinkles and cutesy things it has to offer and the idea is a sweet one (though I do PLENTY of telling my boyfriend and showing him I love him throughout the year). However, it’s an expensive holiday and kind of a drag because of such. This is such a cute idea!! I bet Doodle had a fun time showing them off at school 🙂 I love pretzels and PB!

    • Ashley

      It is a sweet holiday, no doubt. =) We try to celebrate it all year long, so the actual “day” isn’t all that important to me anymore. Though I certainly don’t turn down gifts of chocolate, jewelry, perfume, or anything else. Hee!

  5. beti

    these are really cute and so easy to make!

  6. Barbara @ Barbara Bakes

    Great idea. I hadn’t thought of peanut butter. My neighbor makes them with a caramel layer. So yummy.



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