I’m trying to diet. I really, really am.

But I keep making stuff like this:

In my own defense, it’s Hayley’s fault, because she asked me to post a dessert item on her blog today, and well…I can’t pass up an opportunity to make baked goodies.  Especially for Hayley, ’cause she’s like the coolest chick ever.

Want the recipe?  Youdoyoudoyoudo, because these bars are really, really good.

Click on over to Hayley’s site at The Domestic Rebel, where I’m guest posting today.  She’s the bombdiggity, ya’ll.  She makes the most awesome stuff, like chocolate peanut butter cupcakes and vanilla bean chocolate chip cookies and brownie pie.  Seriously, if you’re not friends with her yet, you should be.  But if you end up gaining five pounds after perusing her site, well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

But I think it might be worth it.

Anyway, for the recipe for these chocolate raspberry cream cheese bars, click on over to The Domestic Rebel!

Have a super sweet Monday!